List of courses

Ongoing courses (painting, drawing and children's courses) and workshops (watercolour)

Classical drawing class at Atelier de la Galerie Vanasse
Drawing class at Atelier de la Galerie Vanasse
Leçon d'art pour les enfants
Classical drawing class with plaster cast


Do not hesitate to contact us at
(514) 917-7160 or by email

Want to try before registering?

For the ongoing courses (painting and drawing) and for the children's course, you can take a free trial. If you the course suits you, you can register at the end of the trial course. You can start at any time!

Can I mix Drawing and Painting Courses?

You can take some drawing lessons and continue with painting lessons if you wish or do the reverse if you find that you need to review drawing concepts. Since the drawing and painting course are given at the same time, you have all the flexibility to move from one to the other.