Painting and Drawing Course for Children

Saturday, 10:30 am to noon or 1 pm to 2:30 pm - Start anytime!

Drawing or acrylic painting
Flexible attendance
175$ +tx for 10 sessons of 1h30

Course Description

The painting and drawing course for children is an introduction to various mediums and the artistic expression.

In order to keep the students motivated, we will propose topics that interest them and give them the basics of plastic language. We will discuss the notions of forms, proportions, values ​​and the mixture of colours (for painting).

For children with more experience, we will give them more advanced subjects that will allow them to sharpen their observation and develop their abilities.


PAINTING: Please bring your paint (at the minimum, the three primary colours plus white), palette, odourless solvent, gessoed canvas or panel, a small mirror, paper towels or rags.

DRAWING: Please bring your pencils, vine charcoal, kneaded eraser or standard eraser.

For the first course or for those who do the free trial, we can supply the material. We can also provide all the necessary materials for the ten courses with a supplement of $40 for the painting courses and $10 for the drawing course. The fee for the is payable at the first course.

Don't hesitate to call us if you are unsure.



Age of participants

More than the age, it is mainly the child's ability to work for 90 consecutive minutes that determines if he/she is ready to take this course. We mostly have children from 6 to 12 years old.


Jay Jensen: Works and artistic statement
Eric Vanasse: Works and artistic statement