Portrait Course with Eric Vanasse

Wednesday 1 pm to 4 pm - Start anytime!

Drawing or oil painting
Flexible attendance
$355 +tx for 10 sessions of 3 hours

Course description

In this portrait course, students will have the choice to paint a personal project using their own references (photos) or to reproduce a portrait by a master.

We will see basic notions of face anatomy (adult and children) and we will use several techniques and tools to help develop your perception of forms, proportions, values and colours specific to portraiture. We will concentrate on skin tones, the play of cool and warm tones and the importance of greys.

We will discuss different ways to add interest to your paintings using linear and tonal composition, choice of colours, transparency and opacity, thin and thick paint application, brushwork, glazing and scumbling, and edge work.


Basic knowledge of drawing and painting.


We provide the easel, the pleasant atmosphere and the coffee. Please bring your paint (at the minimum, the three primary colours plus white), palette, odourless solvent, gessoed canvas or panel, a small mirror, paper towels or rags.


Eric Vanasse: Works, teaching approach and artistic statement


  • Selection of the reference material
  • Processing of the reference image
  • Composition
  • Pencil portrait drawing
  • Grid or Compass Method
  • Transfer of drawing
  • Individual characteristics
  • Symmetry and asymmetry
  • Expression