Pierre Tougas

Pierre Tougas photo de l'artiste


Pierre Tougas is an active member co-founder of the Canadian Watercolour Society (S.C.A.) His works are found in several private collections in Canada and the United States, as well as in several private companies, including CGI, National Bank, KPMG, Bell Canada, Royal Bank, Molson International and many others. The artist is represented by different galleries in Quebec and the United States. Although it is more difficult to obtain a personal signature in watercolour, it is easy to recognize the artist's hand. Pierre is very demanding about the aesthetic criteria of his work. This explains why his paintings are so popular with collectors.


He learned to tame watercolour so well, that over time, it reveals its secrets and reveals its caprices. One feels that Tougas is at ease with this medium. He blocks the white areas that he will later use. He often uses oil paintbrushes to obtain a special texture that watercolour brushes can not give. A toothbrush, or the tip of his brush, is used to throw a rain of fine droplets on a wall to give it a rough appearance. The use of a simple razor blade can be used to create special effects on grass.


Courses are given in French and English.

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