Drawing Course with Eric Vanasse

Wednesday, 1 pm to 4 pm - Start anytime

Pencil or charcoal drawing
Flexible attendance
$355 +tx for 10 sessions of 3 hours

Course Description

For beginners we will begin with the foundations of drawing: visual measurement, identification of forms and proportions, notions of shadow and light, and an introduction to perspective. To do this, we will use the reference drawings of Bargue-Gérôme and then we will progress to simple still lifes made of geometric shapes.

Students who have completed the previous steps and for more advanced students, we will use still lifes made of plaster casting. The student will then have the choice to develop a personal project using photographic references, to copy an engraving or a Master's drawing, or to make a more complex still life from life.

We will use a variety of techniques and tools to develop your perception of shapes, proportions and values. Most techniques are applicable to pencil or graphite drawing.

Each student will follow a personal path and choose the subjects that interests him/her in order to structure his/her development while having fun in the execution.


None. Students without drawing experience will be able to develop their eye by doing sketches studies or work using grids.

For beginners, we recommend to begin with simple forms and to progress toward more complicated subjects in order to develop a good control of values.


We provide the easel and the pleasant atmosphere!
Bring a drawing pad of at least 12x16 inches, drawing pencils (at least one HB pencil), an eraser (preferably kneaded), a ruler,

If you are missing some materials for the first class, we will gladly help you out for free.


(Adapted to each student)
  • How to approach the subject to be drawn
  • Measurement of proportions
  • Geometric shapes
  • Direction and undulation of lines
  • Light and shadow
  • Treatment of values
  • Perspective
  • Notions of anatomy


Eric Vanasse: Works and artistic statement