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Teaching method

My main objective is to provide a solid technical basis for my students so that they can improve quickly in their own direction. By combining classical teaching methods with a results-oriented approach, students can, right from the start, realize beautiful works and get a sense of accomplishment. Depending on the level of the student and his/her objectives, we often begin by reviewing the basic notions of drawing and then move on to monochrome painting,  followed by the gradual introduction of colours. Experienced students can start working with their usual materials and experiment with various techniques.

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Classical drawing and painting methods are no longer taught in most Canadian art schools. I acquired my knowledge and skills by studying rigorously with artists trained in Europe and the United States who founded two schools devoted to the classical tradition, the Atelier de Brésoles and the Bohemiarte School. The rest of my training was done in a self-taught way by studying the work of the masters of the Renaissance until today. This path allowed to incorporate in my style the rich traditions of the past, the scientific achievements of the last decades and a contemporary spontaneity that gives a breath of life to the paintings.


Courses are given in English and French.

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