Daniela Zekina

Photo de Daniela Zekina, professeur à l'Atelier de la Galerie Vanasse

About Daniela

Daniela Zekina was born in Bulgaria. After attending the National School of Fine Arts in Sofia, Bulgaria, she obtained a Master's degree in Book design and Illustration, Drawing, Painting and Engraving.

Daniela has a vast experience both as a prize-winning artist and teacher:

  • More than 20 years of experience as a professor of visual arts
  • More than 10 years of experience as a lecturer in visual arts
  • Over 30 years of experience as an illustrator and professional artist

Daniela has illustrated more than 35 books, she participates in numerous solo and group exhibitions and has received several prizes in Canada and internationally.

With her deep knowledge of the theory of the principles of drawing, painting and composition and illustration, Daniela had developed an excellent ability to guide each student according to their interests and levels. She can provide valuable help from the initial concept, composition and every step of the realization of a student's project.

Artistic Approach

I always seek an intimate relationship between the work and the viewer through a variety of subtle details that catch the eye and captivate his attention. My works are figurative in their forms, but the layout remains unreal. Themes are often related to mythology, its expressions and the relevance of its messages. The characters manifest themselves in the form of metaphors, symbolizing feelings.

What interests me most is the delicate relationship between colors, shapes and light. The latter is the most important since it is capable of modifying the mood of a painting.

In my most recent works I explore the theme of metamorphosis - that between different forms, between smooth and sharp surfaces, between large brushstrokes and spaces covered by small details. In many I am inspired by Greek mythology, more precisely Danaia, Icarus, Daphne, Demetra and Aphrodite who are impregnated in our cultural heritage and our contemporary language.

In the other part of my paintings, I am interested in the transformation of the human face by bringing to the objects and forms differently added, thus symbolizing an inner world as a poetic symbiosis between the real and the imaginary.


Courses are given in French and English.