Painting Course for All Levels with Pierre Brault

Fridays from 6 pm until 9 pm - Start anytime!

Oil painting (all levels)
Flexible attendance
320$ +tx for 10 sessions of 3 hours

Course description

Students will develop their ability to work mostly from still lifes and with the help of photographic references.

We will use a variety of techniques and tools to develop your perception of the shapes, proportions, values ​​and colours that are the foundation of painting. Most techniques are applicable to oil and acrylic paint.

All students will follow a personal path and choose the subjects that interest them and which will provide a better structure for their artistic development.




We provide the easel and the pleasant atmosphere!

You must bring your painting: titanium white, cadmium red medium , dark madder lacquer or carmine red, medium yellow cadmium, ocher yellow, pthalo blue, cobalt blue, cerulean blue, burnt sienna, ivory black , linseed oil, odor free solvent, 12x16 paper pallet, some brushes, two spatulas, 2 x 16 '' x 20 '' canvas, 1 x 20 '' x 24 '' canvas, paper towels or rags, small oil containers and solvent.


Pierre Brault