Monochrome Drawing Course with Jean Faucher

Wednesdays, 1 pm to 4 pm - April 4th to June 6th 2018

Monochrome drawing
April 4 to June 6, 2018
320$ +tx for 10 courses of 3 hours

Course Description

In a convivial atmosphere and according to the objectives of each one, this training for beginner and intermediate will look at the knowledge and the techniques that will enable the student to develop his/her abilities and his/her artistic sense in order to create works from nature or from imagination.

We will review various fundamental rules such as perspective, anatomy, composition, and by doing original exercises, we will help you sharpen your observation of the real world as well as help you define your personal style.

We will use charcoal, sanguine, ink and other media to help you develop an original graphic gestures which can be integrated in your independent artistic practice. By sketches, portraits or illustrations, we will address the specificities of the various types of works according to the student's own interests or aptitudes.


Good mood and concentration!


We provide the easel and the pleasant atmosphere!

For the first course, bring a drawing pad of at least 12x16 inches, drawing pencils (at least one HB pencil), an eraser (preferably kneaded) and a ruler. For the following courses, the teacher will tell you what to bring.

If you are missing some materials for the first class, we will gladly help you out for free.


(Adapted to each students)
  • Retouche, conservation
  • Postures, environment, attitude
  • Supports and Media
  • Observation techniques
  • Perspective, anatomy, tonality
  • Pictorial organization and subjects
  • Manipulation, experimentation
  • The rendering, the style, the visual conventions
  • Retouching, conservation


Jean Faucher: Works and artistic statement