Drawing and painting lessons for the 12 to 25 years old with Edouard Vanasse

Sunday, 1 PM to 4 PM

Baleine cosmique aquarelle sur carton 9x12 2021
peinture d'un musicien
Dessert experimental aquarelle sur carton
Drawing, painting and mixed media
Ongoing, start anytime

Limited space, reserve now!

355$ +tx for 10 sessions of 3 hours

Course description

My class is for teenagers and young adults who want to develop classic techniques as well as discover their unique artistic voice. I inquire about the goals and desires of each of my students in order to offer them a personalized learning path. I teach notions of portraiture, observational drawing, composition, shadow and light, colors and form. I can also help students who wish to explore their imagination.


Teacher: Edouard Vanasse

I have been drawing daily for over 20 years, drawing my inspiration from my imagination and the world around me. I received a classical training and I continue my studies in painting and drawing at Concordia University. I am currently in my second year and am working to refine and expand my practice. I paint mainly in oil and I draw with several mediums. My process is both meticulous and instinctive. On the one hand, I aim to perfect my realistic technique, and on the other, I make sure to satisfy my need for emotional and subconscious expression. My style is close to surrealism and expressionism.